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MD CATS+<br> Master Contractor, Consulting and Technical Services

MD CATS+ Master Contractor, Consulting and Technical Services

Edify is one of the Master Contractors with the State of Maryland Department of Information and Technology for Consulting and Technical Services + (CATS+) since 2017. As a Master contractor Edify is serving these functional areas – Enterprise Service Provider, Web and Internet Services, Electronic Document Management, Software Engineering, IT Management Consulting Services, Business Process Consulting Services and Documentation/Technical Writing

Contract Information:
Contract Number 060B2490023-2016
Agency Sponsor State of Maryland, Department of Information Technology
Contract Name Consulting and Technical Services (CATS+)
Contract Period 01/25/2017 – 01/25/2028
Task Order Proposals Task Order Request for Proposals (TORFP) and Request for Resume (RFR)
SBR Reserve Yes
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