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We’re thrilled to announce Edify’s win in response to the Judicial Information Systems’ (JIS) Request for Proposal (RFP), securing a significant contract with Maryland’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). This contract recognizes our expertise by appointing us as the chosen service provider for two (2) Spring boot developers. The initial agreement spans one (1) year, with the AOC retaining the option to extend it for an additional four (4) one-year terms as they see fit.

This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in specialized IT services, earning the AOC’s trust and potentially paving the way for a long-term partnership. We’re honored by this opportunity, seeing it as a testament to Edify’s position as a trusted leader in the technology sector. Our team is excited to embark on this collaboration, geared towards delivering top-tier solutions aligned with Maryland’s AOC needs.

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