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Edify proudly announces its landmark contract win, entrusted with the transformative responsibility of overseeing the Information Technology (IT) landscape for the Florida Department of Health. As a leading consultancy, we embrace this pivotal role, aiming to revolutionize IT project initiatives across the Department’s diverse divisions and program areas. Our comprehensive scope includes not only coordination, planning, and meticulous documentation but also a proactive approach to performance tracking, collaboration facilitation, and innovative solution implementation.

With an official start date of July 1, 2023, our commitment extends until June 30, 2024. Edify’s unwavering dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with the State of Florida’s reliance on annual legislative appropriations and our pledge to deliver exceptional outcomes.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment, leveraging Edify’s expertise to drive meaningful, sustainable change within the Florida Department of Health’s IT landscape, setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation in public service technology.

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