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Product Engineering Team

Our Full stack engineering team, comprising of coders, agile experts, testers, UX designers, coding architects building next generation applications using modern software engineering practices.


Research and Innovation Team

Our Research and Innovation Team is comprised of enthusiasts, tracking the latest advancement in technologies, incorporating relevant bleeding edge technologies in Edify’s service offerings.


Human Capital Management Team

With ‘employee first’ as the guiding principle, this is our core team working on augmenting, managing, training and upskilling employees across the world.



As a self-driven team, this team engages directly with our customers and partners empowering their business growth. With customer success as the chief mindset, the team proposes pragmatic.


Managed Services Team

Providing seamless experience is our Managed Services Team’s motto. This team works on both IT infra and application services and organize themselves based on customer requirement.


Our Business Associates

Like, API/Platform driven economies, Edify relies on our partners to complement our capabilities to add multi-fold value to our customers.


Business Development Team

Serving the State by responding to solicitations and lead generation are the key tasks of our Business Development Team. The team identifies and qualifies solicitations from Federal, State and State managed Agencies.

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