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What we do in Manufacturing industry

Digitization is the fore most factor that remains disrupting the Manufacturing industry. As manufacturing is no longer just a “machine thing”, there is often a crucial need that requires the industry to re-align its operational strategies with the most modern and impactful digital technologies.


In the past 10 years, Edify has been working with its Manufacturing clients in the leading technology space with focus on Automation, Business Process Services and Hybrid cloud implementation. With our strategic consulting and technical solution assessments we transform the manufacturing business that betters the industries’ efficiency, service and product lines. Industry 4.0 enablement is our key area of focus.

Our industry solutions

Smart manufacturing

Intelligence on demand is the prime focus of digitized manufacturing. Deriving insights from production data and transforming them into visualized outcomes is one of the critical needs of Smart manufacturing. From simple reports to actionable dashboards – Edify helps customers to organize, analyze and discover the real data and optimize their processes. Google Analytics, Qlik Sense, Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark are few of the technical stack that we offer solutions with.


Shop floor automation

IoT – that connects, processes, products, infrastructure and humans, has a vital role in the global industry transformation.

Edify enables automation of data collection in the shop floor with its IoT expertise. Collecting, aggregating and analyzing data in the real time saves time for other productive processes.

With our expertise in building software automation solutions, both on-premise and with AWS and Azure IoT platforms, we help the industries to:

  • Enable remote monitoring to limit the down-time.
  • Increase visibility to different IoT data, that optimizes the manufacturing process.
  • Provide predictive analysis of the IoT enabled data, that help industries build better products.
  • Enable proactive testing at each stage of manufacturing so that the quality issue is identified at the source itself.

What segments of Manufacturing we serve?

Edify is serving the discrete and process sub-industry segments almost since its conception.



Our core focus is in IoT, AI, Blockchain and Machine learning, whether it to harness the power of real time interactions with the IoT enabled devices or getting the data anywhere, anytime, our experts lead team help customers do it. Collective technical expertise along with our strong consultancy skills and our digital technology offerings, help customers get the best of our services.



Helping customers to streamline processes, with reduction in waste and operating costs, we employ our AI, Blockchain, Cloud knowledge to enable industries move faster in their smart processes. We help do intelligent management of assets and capacities with the latest digital technologies.

Our VR and AR capabilities help Simulation of systems, be it discrete or process.

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