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“…… volunteers repeatedly for extended on call shifts, in addition to taking back-on-back after hours-rotation and is always willing to learn and advance technical skills and inspires confidence”

“Thank you for the many hours put in working. Your professionalism was great, your communication was helpful and your willingness to learn is outstanding. Thank you again for being part of our team”

“…was cranking out change requests so fast they could hardly keep up with the user testing. And I know that the quality of his work is excellent as well! He is always looking to do more and go above and beyond. I appreciate his efforts very much! “

“They did a fantastic job troubleshooting this unconventional move from such an old version to the latest!”

“…diligently worked on this initiative. Spent considerable amount of time learning various configuration attributes … His silent and focused hard work and technical skills helped a lot….”

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